A Charming Enlightenment Story

Once I heard a charming story about Shiva and Parvati, and it was lingering in my mind.

I remembered the good-hearted man who only wanted to be of use, and because of his pure, humble heart, and his service to Shiva–without knowing it was the Lord himself he was helping–he achieved spiritual liberation.

Here is the short and sweet story, as I transcribed it for Spirit Voyage (it will open in a new window).

5 responses to “A Charming Enlightenment Story

  1. Simon the Englishman

    Hi Donna,
    Looks like its just me again. Come on the rest of you! Nice parable. Strange mix of “all is one/divine” ie Brahman (given the indian origin of the story) and manifested as anthropomorphic judgemental entities. Liked old shivas gentle criticism of the wannabe enlightenment seekers though. Shame Parvati or Shakti wasn’t in the lead role (bronze age patriachal and vedic, so no surprise really). Sorry, but round about when you picked up Watts’s Wisdom of Insecurity, I was reading Masks of God by Cambell. I tend to whirl about with Occams razor a lot!

    Getting back to Parvati a minute and her “good wife” role. (“We want Kali, we want Kali!). How do you and any other women reading this view /feel about the seemingly endless stream of male mystics/gurus/yogis/preachers with their must remain focused and celibate or “sorry dear you look after the kids I’m off to the woods to meditate and save us all from the doom of birth ,which I never experienced” and we are all god by the way, but follow me and you’ll be saved schtick? How come there isn’t an equal (overt) female stream then or now (I know we hairy Y chromosomers tend to muscle in and block things to put it mildly, but still) and what would you regard as the salient points of their agendas if there were?

    Wu wei Watts coming up. I like Alan Watts. You like Alan Watts. Just that the other week I was listening to him talk about Chinese and Japanese art and he made reference to wu wei and gave an explanatory anecdote as to how he applied it in his life. When everyone around him and even his own mind was shouting at him that such and such really needed to get done, he would step back and literally do nothing. He often found that what needed to get done would somehow turn out fine. There was then an inaudible comment from the audience followed by laughter and then he said “Ah, but thats why I’m still married to you dear!” See above and my question, but you get the point.
    Er, sorry for the essay! 101 students this semester I’m afraid.(is that all in one class!!?)
    I see its stopped raining so hope “your happy and having fun, in the warm California sun” (I like the Ramones I do)
    Just say if keeping it briefer would be better. That goes for anyone else reading this too!
    Om shanti and stick with lila, all is maya (“was she hot?”)

  2. Remember Simon,
    The world is none other than our own perceptions.

  3. Simon the Englishman

    Hi DQ,
    Does that mean I’m talking to myself again? Bummer! Sorry for the perhaps too lengthy and wordy comments so far. I’ll stay tuned though and keep it concise if thats ok.
    Simon 😐

  4. Simon,
    We are all, always talking to ourselves! That’s the point!
    All of our philosophizing usually amounts to a blast of argumentation, analysis, criticism, and, rather than taking us closer to truth, has the ironic effect of keeping us blinded from it. If you want to philosophize, consider that scarcely has there been a culture that exalts the woman, the mother, the goddess, as the Hindu one does. There would be no Shiva without Shakti. I didn’t read the story with any bias. All perception! Politics always pollutes, everywhere. But you answered your own question – why do you want to frolic in the bronze age? It’s up to you. You create your universe.

  5. Simon the Englishman

    Hi Donna,
    Yeah I know. Thats why my favourite time is when I’m in deep sleep and the damn thing switches off for a bit. Then like the annoying advaita thing that it is/ I am it switches back on again. Wasn’t intending to dis Hinduism by the way. I know too that philosophising is not tao and that the truth cannot be reached by thought , so I should really shut up (yes please say the other followers!) Thanks for bearing with me anyway and popping in from your universe.
    Regards and until I wake up again
    Simon 😉

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