What’s New?

I am currently writing a follow-up to the article I recently wrote for Elephant Journal. Like the first article, it takes the reader into my classroom, where together, we explore important questions arising from Buddhist philosophy, like how on earth I’m supposed to be happy when the world is falling apart.

Yesterday, my lecture on Emptiness was filmed. We’ll see how it turns out – hopefully it’ll be uploaded to Youtube within the next week or two.

And although I haven’t added a blog post lately, I have added a POETRY page (see the horizontal index on top), which will allow me to house some of the poetry I’ve written over the years. I have so much, that it will be a project in itself to upload a fair portion of it in some sort of organized way, but that’s next in line, after the Elephant Journal article.

But most exciting of all, is that my publisher just gave me word that my book is expected in their warehouse TODAY! The release date is May 11th, but I should have a copy in hand before that – can’t wait!

2 responses to “What’s New?

  1. Simon the Englishman

    Hi Donna,
    Wondered why it had been quiet on leaves for a while. Thought maybe it was just busy classes but great to see things are branching out. Looking forward to new youtube stuff. (one day I might actually put some stuff on my own channel. That would be neat to see “this video was favourited by profquesada” Hee Hee.)
    My friend, your chinese/belgian equivalent, is busy too, but rather than classes (its easterbreak here) its loads of art projects as she is a video artist when she’s not teaching. She writes poetry as well (classic chinese metre). Its weird how I stumbled on your blog and then bumped into her. I’m lucky to be riding in this body/mind.
    Btw congratulations on the book. Is it exclusively aimed at potential teachers or is it for general readers also? Hope its a success and look forward to clicking on the poetry button when you’ve uploaded.
    One day I’ll get round to sending more enquiring and post related comments, I promise!
    All the best to you and yours (furry ones too)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment, Simon, and for your interest in my projects. Yes, it’s exciting to see the book finally come to fruition!
    It seems the parallels between your professor friend and me are uncanny!

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