Reiki Healing

Angel Guides Reiki

Reiki heals the body and mind, by balancing the intertwined systems of subtle energy patterns that correspond to our emotions, moods and overall sense of wellness and vitality. It is a subtle, but very profound healing technique that is administered by a healer, who channels this spiritually guided life energy, with the goal of restoring wellness. This is done through a light touch, while the client is fully clothed. Dhanpal often combines Reiki with other therapeutic modalities, as listed below, depending on the needs of the client: crystal healing; breath-work; specialized affirmations; sound therapy, weighted tuning forks, acupressure, singing bowls and sound.

Bio-Field Tuning

Dhanpal is also certified in the methods of Bio-Field Tuning, as pioneered by Eileen McKusick, author of Tuning the Human Biofield. McKusick’s research has shown that the human biofield, better known as the electro-magnetic or auric field, appears to be compartmentalized, with the record of different emotional experiences being stored in different locations within this field. Different emotions have different frequency signatures, which are reflected in the overtones (or harmonics) of the vibrating fork. For example, fear has a very distinct pulsing quality to it. Other emotions, such as guilt, grief, and anger, all have their own unique signatures, and their own unique locations in the biofield. When the healer identifies the source of the trauma in the field, it can then be neutralized and cleared. This method has produced repeatable and consistent outcomes of symptom reduction and even elimination of symptoms, sometimes in just a single session.

Common Issues

emotional upset

Become a Reiki Energy Healer

Get certified up through the Master Level, through the original Usui Reiki Ryoho healing method! Levels 1, 2, and 3 are offered. You will also have the opportunity to learn other advanced healing techniques, such as crystal healing, sound healing, and channeling. We will work together one on one, just as spiritual knowledge has always been passed on. Join the lineage of Dr. Usui, himself.

Donna’s Story, in her words…

I was first introduced to Reiki when I studied Chi Gong for a period of time, in the late nineties. My brush with energy healing was meaningful, as it would find me again, in one of the Zen temples I began to frequent, just a few months later. I would do weekend meditation retreats there, and during the work period, called samu, we were permitted to either join activities, or spend the time resting. I chose to spend as much time as possible with one of the resident monks, who was a Reiki master. I had a bad knee at the time, and he said he might be able to help. He gave me treatments, as well as an attunement, that would enable me to continue healing myself, and within a month, I no longer had any problems with my knee. Besides being a healer, I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher. I have also been teaching eastern spiritual philosophy at Santa Monica College for 17 years, so I understood intuitively, all along, that Kundalini Yoga and Reiki were like two sides of the same energetic coin. Both aim at balancing the flow of subtle energy that correlates to our wellness and vitality, on every level. But unlike Kundalini Yoga, which is a self-initiated practice, Reiki is administered by a healer, who channels this spiritually guided life energy, with the goal of restoring inner balance and flow. Kundalini Yoga aims at spiritual awareness, with the secondary effect of healing; Reiki aims at healing, with the secondary effect of spiritual awareness. ~Dhanpal It was through a personal decision which deepened my spiritual journey, that Reiki made its way back into my life, years after meeting the monk who first taught me self-healing techniques. I had the blessed opportunity to further my studies and complete my Reiki Master-level training, under the loving guidance of two very different, but gifted teachers. It was also by way of my deepening relationship with my spiritual guides, both embodied and out of body, that I realized my need to work in the spirit of service. My connection with these ascended masters and angels led me to revise the way I approached my life as a teacher and writer, as well. Now, these angelic spirit guides are there to assist me during sessions, along with an assortment of sacred gemstones which all work together to unblock the affected parts of the energy field to facilitate healing. I hope to meet you and look forward to helping you along your own path to wellness and spiritual awakening!